3 Essential Steps to Starting a Record Label

3 Essential Steps to Starting a Record Label

Step 1


Business Name/Record Label Name


This step is very important. Your Business Name represents you and everyone who’s involved with it so be sure to think this thru, Because “Branding Is Everything”


Step 2


Register your Business or form a LLC.


This is very important because it certifies you as a legitimate company or business. Never forget in the business world, if it’s not on paper  it Doesn’t exist. “Businesses like doing Business with other Businesses” meaning Major Labels won’t even look at you if you are not a legitimate company.


Step 3


Open a Business Account 


This is very important because numbers don’t lie. Creating a paper trail will be very essential if you wanna run a successful Record Label. Businesses only invest in businesses who can prove they can prove they can produce/or pay back what they have invested. 

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